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Wall Décor ideas that are easy on the eyes (and pockets)

25 must-try rustic wall decor ideas featuring the

There are plenty of ways to brighten up a room but there s none more cost efficient than putting up some wall d cor. Simple designs and colors can lighten up the mood of a room and they need not be very expensive either! Here are some simple, low-budget wall d cor ideas to add life to your walls:

Picking a wallpaper design can be time consuming and at times, frustrating . Instead, make any fabric into a wallpaper. Youwall decor ideas family wood scrabble wall art. need a fabric of your choice, fabric starch and a paint roller. Hang your fabric on the wall, use the roller to apply the starch on the wall and smooth the fabric on the wall. Once that s done, use the roller to apply fabric starch on the front of your fabric till it saturates and voila!

Feeling artsy Re-create any pattern or design on your accent wall by using a paint pen and a projector. Project the image on wall decor ideas colorful kitchen wall art with the image on the wall where you want it and use paint pens to fill in the design.

If you re more into patterns and shapes, use ribbons and tacks to create wonders. You can even use stencils to create symmetrical patterns.

Shapes can also be stamped on. Use an X-acto knife to cut out shapes in foam. Dip those shapes in paint and stamp away!

Grasscloth is an expensive option for the walls. However, you can create the texture25 unique wall decor ideas UOJOEEKwith the help of a simple broom. Apply a coat of paint on the wall then drag the broom through the wet paint, keeping the lines as straight and horizontal as possible. Leave the paint to dry and then apply a second coat, repeating the process. The result, a subtle, refined texture that looks amazingly like a grasscloth wallpaper.

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